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Precious Metals Blog

Why Cryptocurrencies Shouldn’t Replace Gold in Your Portfolio

Cryptocurrencies vs Gold price volatility

The cryptocurrency phenomenon continues with its mind-boggling volatility and millions of dollars gained and lost on a minute by minute basis. Read more

Asteroid Mining: Fact or (Science) Fiction?

OSIRIS-REx spacecraft asteroid mining mission

By Douglas Trinder, Precious Metals Analyst

As our planet’s precious metal reserves tap out, big business and NASA are looking to the skies. The race to mine asteroids swirling around our solar system is on. Read more

Can the World Run Out of Mineable Gold?

decrease in gold mining graph

Hundreds of years ago, early economists were puzzled by a quirk in pricing: why do some non-essential goods cost so much while truly essential goods cost so little? As an example, why are water and grain so cheap when they are so vital for human survival? Why are gold and diamonds so expensive when neither is a necessity? Read more

Jack Kemp and the Gold-Based Dollar

Jack Kemp gold standard

Many of you are very familiar with the late Jack Kemp (1935-2009) whether it’s from his several terms as a local Congressman or from his tenure as quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. Read more

How Would Precious Metals Perform If President Trump Were Forced Out of Office?

president trump economy

Donald Trump’s policy agenda, and his very presidency, are in jeopardy…at least if you believe all the chatter from the left-leaning “mainstream” media. Read more

The Pros and Cons of Buying Fractional Gold

Fractional Gold US Gold Eagles Canadian Maple Leaf

Here at Jack Hunt Gold & Silver we are frequently asked about the pricing and availability of “fractional” gold coins. By definition, fractional gold coins are bullion coins that weigh less than one troy ounce. Read more

Removing Capital Gains Taxes from Precious Metal Trades

Gold silver idaho currency

Recently lawmakers in Idaho and Arizona have passed bills removing Capital Gains Taxes from transactions involving gold and silver bullion. Read more

Recommended Viewing: $1 Trillion & US Debt in Physical $100 bills

Here’s a stunning video that provides visual context of the massive scale of National Debt. The United States owes a lot of money. As of 2017, US deficit is larger than the size of the economy. Currently there is no debt ceiling, it has been suspended. To see current debt live visit US Debt Clock. Read more