Buffalo’s guide to investing in gold and silver bullion coins and bars.

Why Buy Bullion?

Should you choose to invest in precious metals, Jack Hunt Gold & Silver offers an array of bullion products to meet your investment needs. Investors who choose to invest in physical gold or silver bullion do so for three main reasons:

  1. Straight investment returns.
  2. As a hedge against other investments (equities, bonds, etc.) in effort to attain and maintain balanced investment portfolio returns
  3. Those seeking to hold a tangible asset as an investment. Unlike equities, bonds, and exchange traded funds bullion can be physically held and stored.

Purchasing Bullion – What you need to know

Our Buy Back Guarantee

For Gold Bullion

With original purchase receipt, Jack Hunt Gold & Silver will buy back undamaged US Gold Eagles, American Gold Buffaloes, and Canadian Gold Maple Leafs purchased from us at 100% of the current market value.

For Silver Bullion

With original purchase receipt, Jack Hunt Gold & Silver will buy back undamaged US Silver Eagles and Canadian Silver Maple Leafs other silver bullion products purchased from us at a minimum of 97% of the current market value.

Pricing & Payment

Our bullion products are priced upon percentage markup over current market value (spot price). We accept cash or certified check only.

Reporting & Taxes

Identification: We are required by law to collect a name and address on all bullion transactions. Photo identification is not required.

Cash Transactions: While customers can spend an unlimited amount of cash purchasing precious metals, individual or related cash transactions that exceed $10,000 must be reported to I.R.S. using the 8300 form. The I.R.S. defines ‘related transactions’ as multiple cash transactions that collectively exceed $10,000 in a given 24-hour period.

Sales Tax: New York State requires collection of sales tax on all bullion transactions less than $1000.