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Coins & Collectibles

Jack Hunt buys rare coins, jewelry, sterling, hollowware, flatware, memorabilia, and other collectibles.

valualbe collectibles, antiques, sports memorbila buffalo nyJack Hunt Coin Broker has been buying rare coins, currency, jewelry and historical collectibles from the public for over 40 years. Our agents are long standing members of numerous hobby related organizations such as:

  • American Numismatic Association
  • Paper Money Guaranty
  • American Political Items Collectors
  • The Manuscript Society
  • Universal Autograph Collectors Club

We are aggressively looking to purchase the following:

  • US Collectors Coins
  • Collectible US Currency
  • Early Pocket Watches
  • Vintage Sports Memorabilia
  • Historical Collectibles / Autographs

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We offer expert, no obligation evaluations:

Gold, Silver & Platinum

Coins & Currency


Holloware & Flatware

Sports Collectibles