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Be Prepared, FATCA is coming!

Originally Posted June 6, 2014 –

What is FATCA? Officially known as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, H.R. 2847 became law in March of 2010 but will take effect around the world on July 1, 2014. The ‘official’ goal of this law is to find offshore accounts held by U.S. taxpayers seeking to avoid paying taxes on them. Under the law, banks from around the world will be asked to sift through their accounts to look for clients with U.S. connections, then share that information with the Internal Revenue Service.FATCA targets money laundering and other forms of tax evasion but has potentially dire consequences. Read more

Seven Thoughts On Gold – What’s Currently Driving The Market?

Originally Posted Feb 5, 2014 –

The following is simple assortment of gold related news items for your consideration. There is no theme among these points, although the demand for gold by the Chinese is a recurring topic. The increased demand for physical gold in Asia and the transfer of gold from west to east will continue to significantly impact the cost and availability of gold at some point in the future. Read more