Shipwrecks: Treasure, Tragedy, and the Endless Lure of the Deep Sea

By Lisa Murray-Roselli

The ocean floor is chockablock with shipwrecks. The hunt for these vessels can consume decades of an individual’s or organization’s time and the cost of searching is enormous: boats, submersibles, personnel, equipment, and research are just some of the expenses incurred during underwater exploration. And the worst part is, it may all be for naught. It takes a special kind of motivation, or obsession, to maintain the will and the means to keep searching for something that may never be found. Read more

History of Precious Metals Mining

By Lisa Murray-Roselli

The history of precious metals mining is inextricably linked to the social and economic development and exploration of the world. The use of precious metals for currency originates in ancient times and since then, wealth has fueled the power and expansiveness of kingdoms, nation-states, countries, and individuals. The technology used to extract these precious metals may have changed over time, but their value and perception as symbols of wealth and power has not. Read more

There’s Silver in That?

By: Lisa Murray-Roselli

Silver is a remarkable precious metal. It is used in a vast array of products and new applications are being discovered every year. Its beauty and durability make it an obvious choice for jewelry, table settings, and decorative items, but its conductivity, malleability, superior reflective, antibacterial, antifungal, and non-toxic qualities make it a valuable material for many industries. In fact, 50% of all silver is used for industrial purposes—some are well-known while others could hardly be imagined. Read more

There’s Gold in That?

Gold is forged in the death of stars. It was sailing around in the gas and dust that created our sun and the planets of our solar system. Once just a theory, scientists finally observed evidence of its formation in August of 2017 when the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) detected the remnant cores of two massive stars spiraling toward and then smashing into each other, approximately 130 million light years away. These neutron stars, the collapsed cores of stars that were once much more massive than our Sun, merged to form a black hole and, in the process, many heavy metals, including gold. This was the first time scientists saw the rapid neutron capture process (r-process) in action and could confirm the origin of gold. Read more

Gold’s Relationship to the US Dollar

Gold has always held intrinsic value and, since ancient times, has been revered for its beauty, association with the divine, and as a representation of wealth and status. Gold coins were among the first currency in ancient times. Because gold’s value is universally accepted, its use as currency eventually became standardized. In 1816, Britain officially adopted a gold standard. Then in the 1870s, gold became the the international standard for valuing currency. Read more

Gold Coins in Antiquity

Gold has captured people’s imagination since its discovery. In ancient times, it was believed to have been a dense melding of sunlight and water, a mystical creation associated with deities, beauty, and power. Gold can be found all over the world and, as such, it is valued by a vast array of cultures. Its physical properties (easy to melt and mold) also made it an ideal substance for creating jewelry, ritual objects, household items for the wealthy, statuary, and coins. Read more

Russian Sanctions and Precious Metals Markets: What’s the Strategy?

By Lisa Murray-Roselli

In March of 2022, the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and the CME Group, Inc barred six Russian precious metal refiners from the London Good Delivery Lists for gold and silver. This move coincided with the US Treasury Department’s declaration that any transactions involving gold from Russia’s Central Bank are included in the full spectrum of US sanctions against Russia. In addition, US Federal legislators have proposed secondary sanctions which would block the transportation of gold from Russia’s Central Bank. Read more